Gorlitz Jazztage

It was a busy weekend on the road traveling with Adam Baldych and Damage Control. The current band is a sextet which blends influences from eastern European, Jazz and R&B music.

After a Friday morning rehearsal in Gorzow Poland, we packed up for the four hour trek through the rain to Germany. We arrived as the sun emerged and were welcomed by a great audience at the Gorlitz Jazztage- a three day festival just over the German border.

The opening band was led by trumpeter Terence Ngassa from Cologne; their music an energetic mix of African and Jazz sounds. Great musicians with a great vibe. We took the stage and played an excellent set which received a standing ovation.

The next day we traveled to Witnica Poland to perform at a local Cultural House. The band was a bit travel weary but the playing was even better. The group sound is really starting to come together.

Next week we will be in Tarnow Poland. Hoping to get some video for y’all soon.


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  1. Sue

    Sounds Like an awesome time.

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