BP Boycott Revisited

Below is an excerpt from an article on Slate.com entitled How To Punish BP.

“Americans could boycott BP’s products. A lot of what BP produces is sold to other industrial companies or into commodity markets. But BP does have retail operations—BP and Arco gas stations and AmPm convenience stores. We could punish BP by buying our unleaded gas, beef jerky, and Twix bars from other stores. But retail is only a tiny sliver of BP’s business. And a boycott would punish franchisees, small- and midsize-business people who made an innocent decision to align with BP…

So what would work? The challenge, as I see it, is to devise punishments, or create new incentives, that give BP, its managers, and its shareholders incentives to make sure this sort of thing never happens again.”

I was a bit hasty in following Korn’s example.  Much thanks to @kevin131 for passing this my way.


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