Book Your Own Tour (Introduction)

The Jazz 3 in Kolobrzeg

Most musicians have one common goal – to go on tour playing their music.

In the past, an artist was signed by a label and toured to promote their latest album. This worked when people bought records distributed through local retailers. In today’s digital atmosphere, however, the old model has been reversed – an artist releases an album to promote their tour.

This past summer, I completed a highly successful first tour in Poland as the band leader of the Jazz 3. The tour was built from the ground up by myself and partner Aleksandra Baldych.

I’ve decided to start a series of articles discussing the process while simultaneously chronicling our next project as it unfolds – booking a winter tour for the band this December in the US.

This will be an open discussion piece. So I ask you –  what questions do you have for us? What aspects of booking your own tour would you like to hear about in detail?

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